EyeClops Night Vision Review: Serena

I bought my daughter, Amanda, a set of EyeClops Night Vision goggles and she has gotten a lot of entertainment value from them.  I read an EyeClops Night Vision review that said this toy uses the same, actual infra-red technology that professional night vision goggles have.  I thought it was amazing that they could utilize this kind of “know-how” in a kid’s toy.

EyeClops Night Vision is supposed to be able to see up to 50 feet in distance with clarity that rivals the “real” night vision goggles.  When Amanda puts the goggles on, and I help her securely fasten the straps, it takes away her peripheral vision.  The face mask can form quite a solid seal so that no light can get in to interfere with the night vision display.  It is really very helpful that the left eye piece on EyeClops Night Vision flips up so she can peek out from time to time and make sure of her surroundings.

EyeClops Night Vision requires the assistance of 5 “AA” batteries to operate, so I think I may go broke buying them, but the toy seems to be good about making the batteries last for a while.  Many reviews I have read suggest Lithium batteries as they tend to last longer.  There is a portable microscope to be mounted on top of the headset that brings images closer up for better viewing.  The visual display is in a green monochrome color and that is typical of night vision.  However, there is a button at the bottom of the goggles on the right eye piece that you can switch to view in black-and-white mode instead, if you so prefer.

There is also a knob on the right side of the gadget that triggers an LED bright light that can aid you in seeing farther.  With this bright light illuminated, though, chances are good that someone will see you.  So, if you don’t want them to, make sure you turn the LED light off after you’ve seen what you needed to see with EyeClops Night Vision.

Serena - Pittsburgh, Kansas

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